The Aurora Group

Aurora Group was set up on the incentive of 4 companies of the same named family - operating in the manufacturing and energy sectors - with the aim of having a structured and organic presence on the market.

The founding and indispensable value of the Group is Full Made in Italy: the completely internalised and Italian production chains are the means by which to disseminate products that originate from the initiative, design and skill that have always characterised Italy worldwide.

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why choose us

Our strenghts

The experience that the market recognises to ALFAMETAL, gained through half a century of mechanical processing, has allowed the company to create increasingly advanced solutions and to also satisfy particularly complex requests.

Specialised personnel

ALFAMETAL employs a team of engineers and technicians specialising in the design of complex parts, with the help of a large and highly automated machine park, which guarantees high performance and efficiency.

Customer care

Thanks to its ability to satisfy even the most complex requests and to adapt to any technical request of its customers, ALFAMETAL has established itself on the national and international market.